MASQ Network

$MASQ Utility ERC20

The MASQ utility token (and test token) smart contracts have been deployed on Ethereum and mapped onto Polygon Proof of Stake (PoS) mainnet.
There was no private or public ICO mechanism for the token launch.
Test tokens have been deployed to Ropsten (deprecated), Goerli and Polygon Mumbai test networks
There are no planned airdrops or token releases - any links or announcements relating to airdrops or token releases should be ignored, as they are scams or phishing attacks.



MASQ - ERC20 (PoS) - 18 decimals (bridged from Ethereum with official Polygon Mapping submission to Polygon core developers)


MASQ - ERC20 - 18 decimals
$MASQ is a utility token, with the purpose of providing holders mesh network access and peer services. This is in no way or form a sale of securities. The value of MASQ may be $0.00 and could still fulfil its function as a utility token. This token should not be bought with the anticipation of profiting off a rise in value.



tMASQ - ERC20 - 18 decimals
Token Contract: 0x9b27034acabd44223fb23d628ba4849867ce1db2

Ropsten - deprecated

SHRD - ERC20 - 18 decimals
Token Contract: 0x384dec25e03f94931767ce4c3556168468ba24c3
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