Official Links 🔗

Please only use our list of official links when navigating the MASQ Network channels.

If you decide to use links from other sources, please check that they match our official links.

If the link doesn't exist below, it is not ours.

MASQ Activity Board

MASQ Network core team using an Activity Board to express the current milestones being worked on and acts as a living roadmap - check this anytime to see what's in motion and the exciting things being developed for the future!

MASQ Brand Kit & Guidelines

The MASQ brand is very unique and expresses our unique history and representation of digital rights, free-flow information and online freedom for all.

Please review and follow our brand guidelines using the assets in our Public Figma:

Official MASQ Browser (Public Testnet) sha256 checksums

To test if you're using an official installer, drag and drop your installer into and verify the code generated matches the one below!

Current checksums aresha256 (previous were md5 and still were valid)

Installer sha256 checksums

MASQ-browser-windows.exe 1bef633f33c5f333c72f6a9ed3311e689295edde9190998555c2e2337f9f4b8d

MASQ-browser-macos.pkg e789f5ce4ab81ae5282ff0d3af808e5c8a4439c8d91d285d2feea9a071fb2171

MASQ-browser-linux.snap Coming Shortly

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