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I have started the MASQ app for the first time, but I can’t seem to connect to any Node IDs
If you are still on the final connection screen of Onboarding, try to connect again using two Node IDs from the #cloud-nodes private testing channel.
If you are on the dashboard, enter two Node IDs manually, separated by a comma and no space:
E.g. masq://polygon-mumbai:[email protected]:57845,masq://polygon-mumbai:[email protected]:57845
When I start the MASQ app, it says "Daemon not Running"
If there is no MASQNode process running in your background services, its possible the MASQ daemon is blocked from communications (it uses websockets), it crashed or the process was killed somehow.
You can attempt to run it again by opening your MASQ installation folder, and finding the masqnode executable and running it with admin privilege, or opening a terminal window (with admin rights) from that folder and running it directly.
Alternatively, if you have tried to uninstall to reinstall the Beta software, you may have not uninstalled it completely or removed residual logs and cache files.
Please this head to page here and follow instructions here to remove them from your system, before reinstalling MASQ. Head to System Cleanup to ensure you have prepared your system for clean Beta install.
Lastly, it is possible the background masqnode daemon process was blocked by your machine firewall or task manager. The name of the running process is MASQNode or MASQDaemon
Please inspect in your task or process manager if this is running.
Why can't I turn on 'Serving' to earn $tMASQ?
Currently there are 2 criteria for serving using the MASQ app - upload speed and port-forward compatible router

Upload Speed

To preserve a strong core test network of reliable bandwidth serving Nodes, the minimum requirement for the Upload Speed test is 20Mbs (we have removed download speed requirement temporarily in v0.4.3+)
You can test your Speed again using the Serving toggle on the dashboard to see if you reach the minimum upload speed.

Port Forward

To be a MASQ serving node, you need to have a port-mapping on your router to allow traffic in from other peers you are serving on the MASQ Network. The internal MASQautomap component in the software will try to do this for you, but if it fails, it will only allow you to browse on the MASQ Network in 'consume-only' mode.
We are working on furthering the advanced settings capability so user can specify a custom port they open themselves in their router.
I'm running MASQ app, connected to Nodes and the dashboard says: "I am protected..." but I cannot browse any websites
There is a high probability that your node is delinquent from nearby network Node IDs for non-payment. You can try to turn Node off and on using the Power Toggle.

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