MASQ Network

Install Requirements

How can I access the MASQ Beta Now?

Subject to change, MASQ Beta Access can be accessed by holding 1,000 $MASQ and connecting your wallet through the MASQ page to verify this, and add a discord role that lets you download the installers from the 「🚶」beta-onboarding channel! Limited spots are available.
The steps are simple:
1) Make sure you have minimum 1,000 $MASQ tokens held in a wallet on either Ethereum or Polygon
2) Go to and connect your wallet & discord
3) Select the MASQ Beta Access reward – you will be assigned a new MASQ Premium Beta role in Discord and have access to the「🚶」beta-onboarding channel!

If you have done testing of MASQ in the past, this is very important!

MASQ App v0.5.x had BREAKING CHANGES and will not be compatible with older versions

Follow these steps BEFORE installing and running MASQ v0.5.x+