Using Installer files on MacOS/Linux

A set of installers are produced for Windows, MacOS (11 and higher) and Linux Ubuntu 18+ - these are produced with CI-runners (continuous integration) so rapid deployment of fixes can be done on the software.

The most updated installers will be accessible on the MASQ Browser website download page

Note on Mac

On many Mac systems you may need to give the MASQ App 'Full Disk Access' within the 'Security & Privacy' Settings

Note on using Linux Snap

Your system must have the Snap package manager. (Shipped with Ubuntu 18/20+)

Unzip installer zip file

Install Command: snap install --dangerous --devmode masq_x.x.x.snap

Uninstall command: sudo snap remove masq NOTE: Linux Mint comes without snap, but there is a way to enable/install snapd

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