Ecosystem Accelerator

MASQ Network is proud to announce the initiation of its Ecosystem Accelerator. This program is a strategic effort to foster growth within the MASQ ecosystem - by honouring and rewarding users, developers and community members who bring growth and innovation within MASQ’s web3 privacy space.

The Ecosystem Accelerator Program reflects our unwavering commitment to fostering a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem, where community engagement and development are not just encouraged, but actively facilitated.

The Accelerator current focuses on four initiatives - details of each component will be released as they are launched and will be continually reviewed to deliver the best outcomes for the community, the MASQ brand and project growth potentials.

Community Initiatives

This is aimed at fortifying the bonds within our community, actively using the MASQ software, encouraging active participation across social networks and growing project awareness. We are deeply committed to creating a platform where everyone, regardless of their background, can contribute their unique perspectives and ideas to make a tangible difference in spreading the MASQ vision to foster organic user adoption.

This initiative will start by focusing on nurturing an environment of collaboration, content curation and further user rewards for active MASQ Browser users - it is well underway with the first cohort of community content curators which have shown support for MASQ in the past.

Retroactive Rewards

The second component of the Program is Retroactive Rewards. This is our unique way of recognizing and rewarding the efforts of volunteers who have made significant contributions to the MASQ ecosystem in the past. At MASQ, we believe in the importance of acknowledging the hard work, dedication, and ingenuity of our community members and developers. This allows us to express our gratitude and appreciation tangibly.

This component will release rewards to the loyal testers, contributors to software and development tools, and notable supporters. More details about this will be released in due course.

Developer Grants

The third, developer grants, is specifically designed to provide crucial financial support to promising projects and innovative ideas that can contribute significantly to the MASQ ecosystem. We have full confidence in the transformative power of these grants. Acting as a catalyst, we anticipate they will spur unprecedented levels of innovation and growth, thereby making the MASQ platform even stronger, more dynamic, and more versatile than ever before.

Token Economy Expansion Pilot

The fourth initiative is a pilot program to create a β€œbridge from web3 back to web2” - exploring opportunities for the $MASQ utility token to be accepted for goods and services! We are extremely excited to be working with a well respected partner to offer a unique way for $MASQ holders to exchange tokens for goods and services. This can serve as a proof of concept for the development of a more robust $MASQ marketplace where privacy-preserving and freedom fostering businesses can accept $MASQ from customers.

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