MASQ Browser FAQs (Testnet)

What are tMASQ tokens?

tMASQ tokens are created on the Polygon Amoy Testnet (previously supported on Mumbai testnet) to allow the Beta network to scale and be tested by real users, without having to enforce the monetization with real $MASQ. They are used to fuel the Beta testnet and have no monetary value associated.

New users will receive tMASQ and a small amount of test MATIC to cover gas fees automatically when they install and onboard in MASQ Browser!

Check out tMASQ Testnet Tokens

Can I earn tradable $MASQ Utility tokens with Beta?

No, The MASQ beta uses tMASQ tokens on Amoy testnet

Why is there a 'System Cleanup' Guide and what does it do?

Most application updates can be carried out in an OTA fashion, (over-the-air). However, major updates (also referred to as breaking changes) to MASQ Node core software require all previous files and folders to be removed in a manual manner. MASQ hopes to migrate to OTA updates for any and all changes in the near future.

Installing the MASQ Beta software for the first time creates information necessary for the correct running of MASQ. MASQ can be thought of in two distinct parts;

The MASQ Node is the decentralised VPN, (dVPN) allowing you to connect to the Mesh Network creating the anonymity and privacy you deserve.

The MASQ Browser is the beautiful, desktop styled GUI. This provides you a User Interface for Borderless Browsing, dApps to be accessed and software settings to be altered.

I have to add or create a crypto wallet in MASQ to use it. Are my private keys safe?

Yes, the MASQ app never sends your private keys anywhere across the internet. They are stored in an encrypted database on your computers hard drive in Node – abstracted away from the browser UI. It’s advised to create a new wallet using MASQ on setup for ultimate privacy, anonymity and security (as to have wallets for specific apps is generally safer than just using one for everything).

If you decide to add a Metamask or Frame wallet in the browser, is that separate to the wallet MASQ uses?

Yes, and its purely up to the User! Starting Metamask for the first time, the Metamask extension will request the user to create or recover a wallet - just like on install in any standard browser.

Users can choose to import existing seed phrase, or generate a new one. Keep in mind with the Metamask extension (and most other wallet extensions) you can import single wallet address via a private key, which is only ever stored locally under encryption within the extension files.

What are the "Premium" features and how do I get them?*

MASQ Premium offers several advanced features and additional configuration options within the MASQ Browser - this can further tailor the app to user needs in powerful ways.

*These features are yet to be finalised and may be added or removed, but are not limited to:

  • Enhanced customisation of MASQ Spaces experience

  • Activate "Open Browsing" to allow browsing from your normal ISP without requiring connection to MASQ Network

  • Enabling the ability to serve, hence receive MASQ tokens for sharing your bandwidth.

  • Choosing the country of Exit Node

  • Allowing the price per GB of data to be changed

  • Adjusting your network Hop Count

  • Enabling systemwide privacy protection for your PC use, rather than just within the MASQ Browser

And many more features to come!

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