tMASQ Testnet Tokens

MASQ Browser app is currently running on Polygon Amoy testnet (previously on Mumbai network)

New users will receive tMASQ and a small amount of test MATIC to cover gas fees automatically when they install and onboard in MASQ Browser!

To set everything up you will need to ensure you have access to Polygon Amoy and the tMASQ test tokens on your wallet.

If you don't have Polygon on your Metamask wallet to transfer tokens, here are the steps below:

To add a Custom token, please refer to the Metamask guide here:

MATIC on Amoy Testnet

This is an official Amoy Testnet faucet provided by Alchemy, to provide MATIC for gas on the test network

There is also an official Polygon Amoy Testnet faucet, which requires Discord authentication

tMASQ Token (on Amoy)

Here is the tMASQ ERC20 Token Contract

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