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tMASQ Testnet Tokens

MASQ Browser Beta app is currently running on Polygon Mumbai testnet

New users will receive tMASQ and a small amount of test MATIC to cover gas fees automatically when they install and onboard in MASQ Browser!

To set everything up you will need to ensure you have access to Polygon Mumbai and the tMASQ test tokens on your wallet.
If you don't have Polygon on your Metamask wallet to transfer tokens, here are the steps below:
  • Add Mumbai Network (enable testnets) to your Metamask wallet extension by visiting
  • Once the network is added, go into Metamask and switch to Mumbai network
To add a Custom token, please refer to the Metamask guide here:
  • Add the custom token for tMASQ (see below) - token contract: 0x9b27034acabd44223fb23d628ba4849867ce1db2

MATIC on Mumbai Testnet

This is the Mumbai Testnet faucet, to provide MATIC on the test network for any wallets requiring this for gas
There are other faucets also which can be used:

tMASQ Token (on Mumbai)

Here is the tMASQ ERC20 Token Contract