The MASQ team has pushed the limits of software design to provide a User Experience that encompasses the true potential of a decentralized internet - leveraging the principles of a truly web3 READ-WRITE-OWN global network.

The MASQ web3 privacy browser operates on top of the core MASQ Node software, to allow users to experience the benefits of the mesh network privacy, while delivering the normal comforts (and more) of a typical browser - but without the bloatware, trackers, useless extensions and user analytics.

After a new user installs the MASQ web3 browser software, they are guided through initial setup to connect to the MASQ Network within minutes. No special hardware or network configuration for most users with standard internet connections.

Users are literally the network - it's as web3 as you can get conceptually! By sharing their bandwidth users support the privacy routing for other users and earn $MASQ utility tokens from peer requests across the MASQ Network. This can be turned on within the same beautiful software with a simple toggle during user onboarding and the MASQ Dashboard. Users can also adjust content filtering to ensure that they are using family-friendly and safe DNS services such as Cloudflare Family.

A web3 App Library is one-click away in the sidebar and browser menu, showcasing popular platforms in the blockchain, while showcasing new platforms that offer web3 experiences to internet users.

The web3 App Library will also be curated with the community so users can navigate to their favorite websites with a single click!

Keep an eye out for the web3 versions of your favorite legacy apps, that are developing partnerships with MASQ right now

Users use browser tabs similar to standard web2 browsers, with a unique Desktop launcher experience in MASQ Spaces, to view everyday websites without geo-blocking, censorship, or IP tracking.


  • Borderless browsing and privacy online without tracking or service logging

  • Ability to earn passive crypto by sharing their bandwidth with peers across the MASQ Network

  • Interact with blockchain services using official Metamask and Frame browser extensions

  • Native resolution of ENS and IPFS content

  • Uncensored access to crypto platforms, web3 dApps, and the metaverse

  • In-built web3 App store curated by the team and community

The MASQ User Experience evolution continues...

The core team is creating a suite of features that encompasses the PURE potential of a true web3 approach – all fuelled by the MASQ web3 privacy browser.

This includes a User Experience with immediate access in-app to:

  • the most recognized web3 websites and platforms from the web3 App Store, curated by the MASQ contributors and community

  • dStorage partner access - store, access and retrieve files from IPFS and decentralized storage providers privately

  • dMessaging - MASQ will be the first browser to natively support a wallet to wallet encrypted messaging protocol across compatible registries - gasless, encrypted, and without gatekeepers

Make sure you only download the MASQ web3 browser from the official website https://masqbrowser.com and verify the checksums for any installers here:

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