Getting Started in CLI
See Setup Guides that are based around Quality Assurance (QA) Testing for Windows and Linux in CLI
To pass in your configuration each time you run MASQ for testing or QA, its suggested to create a config.toml file which can be loaded by the Daemon to setup all your configuration parameters.
You need to create this yourself as a text file and save as a TOML format

Linux Users Read! - Regarding MASQNode daemon

The intention of MASQ Node and the MASQNode daemon is for it to be run by sudo-ers - i.e. not starting MASQNode as a user with root permissions.
If you run MASQNode with a user with root permissions or root user itself, it may write logs to the root directory.
To avoid this, if you insist on running MASQNode on a root access user, you can use the command: sudo -E MASQNode --initialization
You can define the --real-user parameter in command line with a defined normal user.

This is not applicable to Windows environments, as most things will run with administrator access

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