Port Forwarding
GREAT NEWS! Port-forwarding solutions within the software is under development right now (as of 10 Apr 2021). Until that is merged into the code, please read below for manual process with your routers
Once MASQ Beta is installed, users are currently required to enter a "Clandestine Port" in the Advanced Setting page of the GUI. (In the near future this will be an automatic feature using uPnP to choose and open an appropriate port on your PC).
Due to the vast number of routers and the different software they use, you may need to research how to do this for your specific router. You can choose whatever port you wish to use, although if you have a port you use for gaming etc, it is advisable to use a port higher or lower port so as not to interere.
Before you setup port forwarding you will need to configure a static IP address for the Internal device.
This step is important as the forwarding will be set to send packets to a specific internal IP address.
If your IP address on your network is dynamic, i.e. changes frequently, any port you open on your router or gateway device may be open if you have allowed it, although it would be open for say your SMART Fridge, Printer or another PC if your Router or Gateway has allocated or changed IP addresses.
To set your PC to have a Static IP address you will need the IP address of your router or gateway, (usually or, and also its' username and password. Most likely this will be on a sticker on the underside or back of the device.
So what is port forwarding?, Port forwarding is a way of accessing private networks, such as your home or business servers and devices from outside. It also shields the private network from unwanted external connections.
At the same time, port forwarding allows external devices to communicate with your device that’s on a private network. Without port forwarding, devices connecting from outside cannot see private IP addresses, only the external one which belongs to a gateway (eg your router, or firewall).
This link details the steps in generic terms and should allow you to both set a Static IP address and also open a port correctly

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Checking Port is Open

Once you have completed these steps you can check to see if your port is indeed open by clicking here:
Is My Port Open?