QUICK START (I'm Technical - just give me the TL:DR!)
If you are familiar with command line and running without a GUI, here is a crash course to get Node running on your machine
    Extract binaries to your working directory
    Make sure your command line terminal has elevated privileges
    Navigate to binaries folder - (usually ~/generated/bin)
    Initialize MASQNode daemon sudo ./MASQNode --initialization
    Open second terminal
      Generate new ones, or recover ones you have made with seed words
      remember you can use the same wallet for earning and consuming
    On Ropsten testnet, ensure you have ROP (testnet ETH) and SHRD test tokens in your consuming wallet
    Load your setup with:
    Ensure your setup is configuring to run on Ropsten network
    Add your --blockchain-service-url for Ropsten (you can use this one provided from team if required: https://ropsten.infura.io/v3/0ead23143b174f6983c76f69ddcf4026)
    Add the --clandestine-port number to your configuration, and ensure it is Port Forwarded on your router
    Current Node setup values will display in terminal window
    Start node with: ./masq start
Make sure the Clandestine port (listed in the GUI Advanced settings) is approved for port forwarding through your router. The GUI assistant will provide an informational link about port forwarding if your clandestine port is not open.
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