MASQ Network


To secure the peer to peer mesh network and incentivize user to share their bandwidth, a monetisation component was created using blockchain technology - a smart contract for a pure utility token is hard-coded into the network model.
In a simple sense, the $MASQ ERC20 utility token fuels the network bandwidth sharing: Browser users directly pay the routing service providers, and serving users receive these payments from browsers.

Several core concepts exist for the utility token itself at this point in time:

Consuming & Serving Data (Token Supply & Demand)

The token is the fuel of the network. If you're consuming data, you pay other nodes. If you're serving others, you're paid by other nodes. More if you're an exit node, less if you're a relay node. With increased demand, more people need to buy MASQ token to use the network. To balance supply & demand, the protocol may only allow in-app serving as part of MASQ Premium. Users with higher bandwidth (upload & download speed), will earn more MASQ tokens when serving. CPU/GPU is not a factor in how much MASQ you might earn, as long as you can run the software.

MASQ Premium (In-App Benefits from holding tokens)

More than a Mesh dVPN, MASQ is also a Web3 browser application where every layer aims to be decentralized – it offers users unique & powerful features that are accessible only from holding a certain amount of MASQ in the app. MASQ Spaces, our ‘BrowserOS’ offering will be at the center of these unlock-able features.

Early Access to the MASQ Beta app

Subject to change, MASQ Premium Beta can be accessed by holding 2,000 $MASQ and connecting your wallet through the MASQ Guild Page to verify this, and add a Discord role that lets you download the official Beta installers.
Only 250 spots available (as of 14 Nov, 2022)
The steps are simple:
  1. 1.
    Make sure you have minimum 2,000 $MASQ on Ethereum or Polygon chains
  2. 2.
    Go to and connect your wallet & Discord handle
  3. 3.
    Select the MASQ Premium reward – you will be assigned a new MASQ Premium Beta role in Discord and have access to the 「🚶」beta-onboarding channel!