MASQ Network
What is MASQ Network?
MASQ software combines the benefits of VPN and Tor technology, to create a superior next-generation privacy software, where users are rewarded for supporting an uncensored, global web. Users gain privacy and anonymity online, while helping promote Internet Freedom.

MASQ is the foundation for the internet of the future.

MASQ is much more than β€œjust another blockchain VPN” - its a leading-edge networking protocol that provides a foundation for a privacy-based ecosystem. It’s best referred to as a decentralized mesh-network (dMN) - a world’s first in its design. A mesh-network has connections to multiple users - that’s why the network is powered from users all across the world. ‍ Put simply, by running MASQ a user becomes a β€˜Node’ and connects to others in a private and pseudo-anonymous way - no ID, no credit cards, no personal info. Nodes make up the fabric of the β€˜mesh’ - as it grows the more powerful the MASQ Network becomes. ‍ MASQ won’t stop here - we are creating a suite of products that form a Web 3.0 – all fuelled by the first decentralized mesh-network, founded on Internet Freedom.


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