Wallet Info Needed for Node
The MASQ Node requires two wallet parameters to function by way of earning and spending.
For basic testing you can have the same wallet used for earning and consuming - you will simply just be using the wallet address, and the private key of the same wallet, and then deposit test ETH and SHRD tokens in there
Specifically your Account 1 address, (your earning address), and your consuming address (your private key).

To obtain your earning wallet address:

The Metamask earning wallet address will be the address shown at the top of Metamask (which is usually named 'Account 1').
Clicking the "Account 1" above the Ethereum Logo will copy your wallet address to your clipboard.

To obtain your private key:

1. Click the 3 vertical dots to the right hand side of your Account 1 Address.
2. From this menu click on account details, a window with a QR code and your private key will be shown.
3. Before clicking on anything further, ensure:
  • you are confident your PC is secure
  • This is a test wallet and you are not using a wallet with tokens of value.
  • Double check points 1 & 2.
Click Export Private Key and type in your password. Your private key for this test wallet will be displayed.


Both the Account 1 address and the private key details will be needed later.