Wallet Creation via Metamask Extension


If you already have a browser that is compatible with the Metamask Wallet Extension, add it to your browser by downloading it here: https://metamask.io/download.html
1. Once Metamask has been added to you browser click "Get Started"
2. Click "Create Wallet"
3. Click No Thanks or I agree, depending upon your personal choice to share usage data
4. Enter and confirm a password, Tick the Agree to the terms and conditions checkbox and Click, "Create"
5. View your Secret Words, (the backup phrase). Write them down in the order they appear and keep them safe), Then click next.
6. Select each word from your Secret backup phrase in the order they were given. Then click confirm. (The example below has 3 words from each section removed, yours screen will have each box populated)
7. Read the tips shown on the screen and click "All Done"
(a popup may appear detailing token swapping. Unless you wish to research this, simply click the top right close button)
8. You now have a Cryptocurrency wallet on the Ethereum Mainnet. Great Success!
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