NEO Test Plan 1
Test Plan as of 18th May 2021

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Installing and Set-Up


  • Remove any node-data.db files from previous testing (where are they? Click HERE)
  • Use the MASQ installer for your machine OS - download links below
In Windows you may receive a warning regarding install - click 'More Info' then 'Run Anyway'
A config.toml file is a settings file that will save you having to config all the settings within the NEO GUI each time you need to test

An example one is here for this round of testing


  • Upon install, note if the Electron app itself starts on screen automatically
  • If not, click on the executable icon and run the MASQ NEO UI
  • Linux Testers will need to have Snap installed

Installing Snap on Linux

Documentation on how to install snap on distros that dont have it


  • Inspect that the MASQNodeservice is running as a background process
  • On bottom left of the GUI window, ensure that there is a green connection message that indicates daemon is connected

Before Connecting

If you aren't using a config.toml file you will need to change your settings and generate/recover wallets constantly, if the settings don't persist in the NEO UI
We recommend using one - find out here!
Click on the Settings Button in top right corner
Navigate to advanced tab, and scroll down to the 'Expert' menu toggle
Click the Expert toggle and you will see a field to enter the filepath of your config.toml
Enter in your config.toml filepath and then click the blue 'Save' button
It should save all your config, but don't be alarmed if the fields do not populate with your settings
You will see a 'synced' message at the top of the menu to show these changes were loaded

Setting Neighbor Node to Connect

Click on the Dashboard and enter in one of the cloud nodes below as the neighbor to connect to

Current Cloud Nodes for Testing (updated 11 Aug 2021)

Currently we are not listing nodes on the website, but if you want to list your one, you can still do this - but it is a public list so do so at your own discretion
Click the 'Standard' mode button and then click Start to connect to the MASQ Network!

Testing MASQ NEO

Subverting your DNS

For MASQ to transmit your traffic across the MASQ Network of nodes, you need to subvert your DNS internally in your machine (this is to IP
We have many testers reporting MASQ NEO not working with IPv6 enabled on Windows machines.
Please disable that as well in your Network Adaptor properties by just unchecking the box for TCP/IPv6
To do this, navigate to your network adaptor or Network settings and set the DNS to
For Windows, you can follow these steps (thanks @Foofooman!)
Once subverted, your web traffic will now flow through MASQ Network.
Go to a site of your choice and ensure it loads normally.
Now go to an IP lookup site and inspect your Public IP address.
If its working it should have changed to another IP address!

Turning MASQ NEO Off

To turn off running your traffic on the MASQ Network, simply change your machine DNS back to 'Automatic' or disable the DNS settings in your network adaptor.
You can also press the 'STOP' button in the NEO UI

Port Forwarding + Firewall Exceptions

Please refer to this page for assistance